"I had problems with hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, and I was overweight. Since I started the nutritional balancing program I reached my ideal weight, I have more energy, sleep better and my asthma disappeared which I suffered for about eight years. Also I substantially regularized all my gastrointestinal issue"

L.S. Caracas, Venezuela.

"Two years ago I started to have all sorts of health problems, such as extreme fatigue, severe pain in legs, wrists and feet, allergies, more heavy periods. Went to various physicians, internists, hematologists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, gynecologists, neurologists, and I underwent several medical examinations, without finding neither the cause nor the solution to my health condition. Finally, less than a year ago desperate to find a solution, I did the hair analysis and followed the nutritional balancing program designed by Pondera Nutritional Consulting. I can say that my treatment has improved, especially in stabilizing my periods, elimination of allergies by 90%, reduced joint pain and increased energy. Definitely recommend Pondera Nutritional Consulting as a modern and innovative alternative of healing".

E.P. California.

"Seven years ago I moved to the Central Valley of California and that is when all my troubles began. The first year was recurring sinus, ear infections, and rashes multiple rounds of antibiotics. Traditional health care lead to me five different doctors so many various prescriptions for all types of allergy pills, steroids, inhalers, etc. For years I battled feeling well and being able to breathe. I had finally come to the conclusion that I would just be exhausted and no matter how much I slept this exhaustion also brought with it a depression that kept me from being as productive at work and at home as I typically am. A few months ago a friend of mine mentioned that they had started working with Camelia Scott and that their allergies were under control. She seemed more herself and not longer dragging about in the work place. So I contacted Camelia and began the process of sending in my hair for analysis. Like many initially I worried about the cost. But after one-month on the supplements with my nutritional changes I thought the fees were a steal. For the amount of personal time that Camelia spends educating you and investing in your health I do no think you could get this type of care anywhere else."

A M. California.

"In the summer of 2010 my son was diagnosed with PANDAS after being catching streptococcus repetitively at school. This perfect well adjusted boy developed anxiety, hallucinations and aggressive behavior within weeks. His writing and performance at school suffered greatly, and he cried so much in fear of school to the point we had to take him out of school. Even scarier, stopped eating. We decided to go ahead and send the hair sample for examination. Results indicated high levels of copper, cadmium and adrenal fatigue. Deficiencies were also found, especially in zinc indicating a weak immune system. With these results, we started a supplement program and diet suggested by Camelia Scott, Within a month our son had improved so much that we suspended the antibiotics completely. Today our son is fully recovered and is in good health. We are very thankful about finding this program which gave us back our boy."

S. B Austin, Texas.

"My wife had episodes of epilepsy for a long time, most of her whole life. We found the Nutritional Balance program through Dr. Wilson and contacted Camelia Scott immediately. We followed the recommendations of the program and three months after starting this program, my wife recovered. We have worked with Camelia for 3 years and my wife has had no more signs of seizures. Every day my wife ​​has excellent energy and stamina and is doing great with no epileptic episodes."

M. A. Austin, Texas

"I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism / Hashimoto syndrome, and despite taking my medication for my thyroid condition and depression, I was very sick. Finding the Nutritional Balance program helped me a lot to the point that my antibodies were lowered to an almost negligible level and I was able to reduce the prescription strength of my thyroid medicine. Additionally, I had very high levels of mercury and aluminum and these levels dropped completely. Today I no longer take thyroid medication because I don’t need it. My energy levels are incredible! "

T . A. Medellin, Colombia
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