What We Do

Pondera Nutritional Consulting designs customized nutritional programs for our clients based on their own laboratory analysis and screening test to help improve their overall health and nutrition.

Every aspect of nutritional balancing science is designed to build your energy levels or vitality. Higher vitality enables healing on multiple levels simultaneously, and assists with cognitive and mental skills.

This equilibrium within our bodies also plays an important role in how we feel: charisma, self-esteem, sexual vitality, focus, confidence, love and other aspects implicit in human nature.

Our program focuses on the following:

  • Restorative sleep and adequate rest
  • A nutrient dense diet
  • Consumption of appropriate amounts of clean water to increase oxygenation and hydration of the body
  • Lifestyle modification for healthier physical and mental well -being
  • Correcting diet and eating habits.
  • A supplement program to balance biochemistry and improve energy efficiency in the body
  • Detoxification protocols, including sauna therapy
  • Stress reduction techniques and meditation

By following our Balance Nutritional Program, you'll be well on your way to wellness and happiness!

Balance Program


Hair Analysis

The first part of the program involves Hair Analysis - this is a tool used to identify the deep health problems and get to the root(s) of your health issues.

Hair Test Analysis measures many of these elements and explains imbalances between minerals involved in biologic processes in your body tissues. By balancing these minerals, you can increase your ability to release energy from food improving your overall health and energy levels. This balancing is accomplished through diet, supplementary nutrients, lifestyle modification and detoxification.

Hair tissue analysis can help identify:

  • Mineral deficiencies and excesses
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Adrenal and thyroid gland activity
  • Type of metabolism or oxidation rate
  • Glucose tolerance
  • Kidney and liver stress
  • Immune system efficiency
  • Cellular energy production efficiency
  • Trends for physiological and mental conditions
Pondera Nutrition designs a program just for you using hair analysis


Please contact us for a retest hair mineral analysis in about 3 or 5 months. Retesting is important because as your body chemistry changes the diet and supplement program should be adjusted to meet your current needs. It is not advised to remain in a supplementation program more than 6 months without a re-test to determine changes in mineral levels. For best results, most people need to remain on a health-building program for at least two or more years.


The Program

Using the results of the Hair Analysis, Pondera designs a program just for you. The program includes diet, detox, lifestyle changes, and supplements.


The diet in this program is designed for each person according to their metabolism, quality of foods, and proportion.Our This diet can seem strict to some people, however the more closely it is followed, the better results one will see, and the better one will feel.

To help with the diet transition one can introduce dietary changes slowly, substituting healthier foods (nutrient-dense) for less healthy ones (nutrient poor) over time. Nutritional balancing does not specify the number of calories or grams to eat as peoples’ needs vary due to age, height, weight, and activity level. However, some guidelines are provided as a general idea of how much to consume according to the food groups below.

This nutritional program avoids all extreme diets such as raw foods, vegetarianism, and “0” carbohydrates or fat diets since they can create deficiencies and cause or exacerbate health problems.


Toxicity is one of the growing problems we have in our environment and a primary factor in the cause of disease. Many leading scientist believe that this and other environmental factors could explain why we are seeing increases in certain illnesses, learning and behavioral problems in children, and autoimmune diseases in our population. In addition, one of the most important findings in toxic metal research is that theses metals are easily passed from mother to child through the placenta.

The basic principle is whenever a deficiency of vital elements occurs, vital metals are always replaced with toxic metals in enzyme binding sites and enzyme systems. For example, lead replaces calcium, cadmium and copper replace zinc, and aluminum can replace magnesium and manganese in the brain. Substitution allows vital enzyme systems to continue functioning to some degree. However, the incorrect metal incorporated into the metallo-enzyme also causes physiologic dysfunctions to occur.

The nutritional method of detoxification involves several principles, all which must be combined for greatest effectiveness in removing toxicity from the body in a safe way.

These principles include:

  • Improving your body’s channels of elimination such as your kidneys and liver
  • Enhancing your energy levels, reducing exposure to metals and toxic chemicals
  • Incorporating diet and supplements that will replenish deficiencies of good minerals that promote detoxification.

Popular Methods of Detox:

  • The infrared sauna
  • Coffee enema

Pondera Nutrition designs a detox program just for you


Correction of basic living habits is the single most important recommendation in nutritional balancing science.

This includes improving one’s eating and sleeping habits as well as exercise and activity levels.

Lifestyle recommendations also focus on avoiding toxic exposures and enabling mental and emotional control.


Supplements are recommended in a very precise and specific way based on hair analysis readings and rarely based on symptoms. However, when used symptomatically, supplements are always recommended in a way that balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios.

The supplements we like to use are from ENDO-MET labs.



The consultation is a two hour, one-on-one nutritional consulting session to review your lab results and balancing program. In the first week, we also offer to our clients short emails responding to questions about the program.

In this session we review:

  • Your laboratory hair test results & metrics
  • Dietary recommendations to balance your metabolism
  • Lifestyle modification recommendations to improve energy levels
  • Recommended detoxification program
  • Recommended nutritional supplementation program
  • Practical comments and further explanations regarding your lab results and any specific recommendations we make based on your individual health status

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