Delivery Information

We ship USPS priority mail. Orders take from 3 to 5 days. Orders are processed and shipped as fast as possible.

Shipping Information

1 to 3 bottles is $5.00 by US Mail,
4 to 16 bottles for $11.30
17 to 25 bottles for $15.80
25 bottles maximum. If you need more please, make 2 orders

International Delivery

Please, contact me for international shipping at or call laboratory to order directly at 1 800- 528-4067. Take into account that Laboratory ships the products by priority mail. In some countries, regular mail is not reliable. Please, check on this. 

We cannot and do not guarantee delivery outside of the US. Each country has it own laws. If this is not ok with you, please do not place an order with us.

We are not responsible for any duties or extra fees that your country may impose. You may want to check into this before ordering. For international clients who have P.O.Box in the US, this is ok to order with us. This is the best way so far to delivery your products. We recommend you check for laws in each country that limit number of bottles or prices. Please, check on this before.