What do you need to know about this program?

  • The program is designed for deep healing and not a quick fix.
  • Following the program closely is very important to succeed.
  • This program requires changes in eating and lifestyle not only for the individual child but also changes for the whole family and their environment.
  • Working on emotional and mental balance is a crucial part of the program. Focusing on these areas is important to reduce stress.  Meditation and other relaxation techniques are suggested to consider as you go through this transformation.
  • The program includes: tools, professional support, tips and so much more. Success is up to you! You will be the one who will make the difference in your life. Your health is on your hands!
  • We expect parent involvement when working with their children. Remember, this is a lifestyle intervention program and your participation is crucial to the success and well-being of your child.
  • You or your child should take the recommended supplements to improve the body’s mineral balance.
  • Our philosophy: teaching by example is the most effective path for kids. If your child doesn’t see you are eating vegetables, he won’t either. Parents should also work to make lifestyle changes also for themselves.
  • Seminars and classes will be available in the future to improve lifestyle and nutrition for families.
  • The program will make a huge impact on you and your child's health. It is crucial for his / her recovery.
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