Why I Started Pondera Nutritional Consulting

Everything started in 2000 when my two-year-old son got very sick. His symptoms were many: stopped responding to his name, continual gastrointestinal problems, inability to maintain attention, recurrent ear infections, to name just a few.

My husband and I spent thousands of dollars on doctors and therapists to understand what was happening to our child and walked away with more diagnoses than real answers: immune system complications, auditory processing disorder, food allergies, autism spectrum, ADHD, irritable bowel syndrome, on and on.

Given the breadth and rapid onset of our son's health problems, intuitively, we felt that something had gotten "out of balance" in his immune system or body chemistry. After doing lots of research, we decided to explore alternative health practices and found Hair Analysis and the Nutritional Balancing Program to be the best method to show us what was wrong with our son's health and the solution to his recovering.

Today, I am happy to report, our son is 100% recovered. He is a bright boy with lots of friends and gifted in so many ways. I have spent the last 6 years researching, learning and working with my own and other families to address similar nutritional balancing topics.

I have found the Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program to be the best tool for understanding and restoring an unbalanced metabolism; overcoming illness through diet, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle recommendations and detoxification protocols. From these experiences, I have developed unique skills and knowledge in the nutrition field that I consider very valuable for guiding people on this path of healing.

- Camelia Suarez Scott

Camelia Scott of Pondera Nutrition


Camelia Suarez Scott, NC, MA, MS. Founder of Pondera Nutritional Consulting, is a certified Nutrition Consultant in Nutritional Balancing Science, Global College of Natural Medicine and Lifestyle Coach of CHEK Institute. She also has two master's degrees at The University of Texas at Austin (Latin American Studies, Planning and Architecture).

Currently, she works as a consultant for nutritional health in Austin, Texas, directly under the tutelage of Dr. Wilson, co- founder of Nutritional Balancing Program. Camelia lives with her husband and two sons in the same city.

Nutritional Balancing Science

Nutritional Balancing Science was created by Dr. Paul Eck, the founder of Analytical Research Labs, and further developed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, both accomplished biochemistry researchers and nutritionists. Drs. Eck and Wilson are specialists in the biochemical analysis of minerals and pioneered many innovations on understanding the relationship between mineral deficiencies and excesses and various metabolic dysfunctions associated with disease and nutrition.

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