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The Nutritional Balancing Program is a healing program that helps improve your energy levels and reverse present and future heath conditions. A balanced metabolism enables good and consistent energy levels, and supports mental, social and physical well-being. More specifically, a balanced metabolism and sufficient energy play an important role in how one express charisma, sexual vitality, excitement, passion, self-esteem, love and other aspects implicit in the human nature.

Our energy levels and general good heath depend on many elements and biological processes in our bodies: how we convert food in energy (metabolism), our diet (what we eat and how we eat), our level of stress, the amount of toxic elements in our environment and the effectiveness of our body in excreting these toxics. Minerals and vitamins play an important role in these processes and in our energy level, as well. According to the founders of this program, it is the relationships between the minerals in your body that determine how much energy you will have.

The macro minerals, calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium regulate the most important energy producing glands in the body – the thyroid and adrenal glands. These glands work together and supply the body with more than 98% of its energy. The adrenal glands release simple sugars in the body that serve as the fuel for the thyroid gland. To help the body produce the maximum amount of energy, these glands must be functioning together at peak levels. If these four minerals are all at normal levels, the thyroid and adrenals gland function efficiently. If those minerals deviate greatly from the normal ranges, individual often experience a variety of heath problems.

Nutritional Balancing Science can help improve dietary and metabolic issues across a variety of conditions. These include the following:

  • Children's nutrition - ADD , ADHD, PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) and Autism
  • Immune response imbalances
  • Digestive conditions and gastritis
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Prenatal health
  • Sensory order dysfunctions
  • Mental, emotional and behavioral conditions

This program is designed to restore your body’s energy system. Most will notice some degree of change within weeks of beginning the program, however, every body is different and some respond faster than others. It can require several years to replenish and rebalance minerals and eliminate toxins depending on how well one follows the diet, supplementation recommendations, lifestyle, and detoxification protocols. You might notice short-term improvement in certain areas, while others required more time for correction.

Pondera Nutritional Consulting works with Analytical Research Lab, Inc ( and we fully facilitate how your hair sample should be collected and sent to the lab by providing a hair sample collection and mailing kit. Twenty-one minerals and toxic metals are measured in the hair sample and analysis is performed on individual substance levels as well as key ratios between substances that are involved in important biologic processes in the body. Hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool, which allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual’s specific nutritional needs.

It is important to follow the instructions closely for an accurate result. Read the instructions here.

You may temporarily experience aches and pains, colds, sore throats, flare-ups of old injuries or other symptoms. These are called healing reactions. These may be due to the elimination from the body of toxic metals, drugs, chemicals or other foreign substances, or the healing of chronic infections.

As your adaptive energy increases, a ‘housecleaning’ takes place. Imagine you own a large house and have not had the energy to keep it clean. As your energy increases, your body automatically begins to cleanse and repair itself. Temporary symptoms are evidence of this healing. PLEASE CALL if these symptoms are annoying. Symptoms can often be alleviated by slight changes in your program.

As your energy level increases, very positive emotional and attitudinal changes often occur. Your nervous system begins to function better and more energy brings an enhanced ability to feel and express yourself. Also, energy becomes available to work through long-buried emotional traumas. Finally, memories are linked to mineral patterns. As you release unhealthy mineral patterns, often-unhealthy emotions, memories and attitudes release as well.

If negative feelings or unpleasant memories surface, usually it is sufficient to JUST OBSERVE THEM and they will pass.

No. Please do not combine this program with other dietary, nutrient or herbal regimens. These will impair its effectiveness. Please ask me before adding other nutritional or herbal remedies. However, other holistic therapies such as chiropractic, bodywork or cranio-sacral therapy combine excellently with this program and are highly recommended.

Remain on prescribed medication unless we discuss it or you consult the prescribing physician.

Periodic retesting (3 to 5 months) of the minerals is very important to monitor progress and guide changes in your diet, supplements, and detoxification programs.

Only Pondera Nutrition customers may purchase supplements online at or directly with Endomet Labs, referencing Pondera Nutrition as your practitioner.

Online: Customers need to register and log in at Through the Pondera Nutrition eStore, customers can purchase the recommended supplements for your nutritional balancing program. We support payment through PayPal (please note there is 2.5% Paypal transaction fee).

Direct from Endomet Lab: Please call Endomet at 1-800-528-4067 or send an email to Provide your name, lab number (which is on the test results, next to your name), and Pondera Nutrition / Camelia Scott as your practitioner when you order. Whether products are purchased online or direct from Endomet Labs, all products will be shipped directly from Endomet Labs. Shipping fees apply and are separate from product prices.

Yes. Pondera Nutrition non-US customers can order supplements direct from Endomet at international number +001 (602) 995-1580 or via email to Provide your name, lab number (which is on the test results, next to your name), and Pondera Nutrition / Camelia Scott as your practitioner when you order. Your supplements will be shipped directly from Endomet via standard mail delivery.

Shipping to Europe – For shipping to Europe, please follow the directions above.

Shipping to Latin America – Our experience has shown that shipping supplements to countries in Latin America via Endomet’s standard mail delivery can be unreliable. Ponder Nutrition recommends that Latin American customers leverage an international courier service with a US based PO Box. Endomet will ship directly to the US PO Box and the international courier services will deliver it to the respective Latin American country. There are many different international courier companies that operate these services, most focus on a specific ship to country destination.

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